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About PebbleLock

PebbleLock is a recycled plastic mat for stabilising pebbles in all landscape areas. Designed for any situation around the home where you want a cheaper, natural alternative to concrete, asphalt or pavers.

Use under pebbles, stones and granite chip on garden paths, patio areas, carparks & driveways to prevent puddles, pot holes, aggregate migration and heavy rain scour.

PebbleLock is suitable for pedestrians, bikes and cars.

Pebble Lock Paver

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With & without Pebblelock

This simple and versatile system allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without spending the rest of your life sweeping or raking stones back into place. Ponding is eliminated as water soaks away through the mesh structure of the PebbleLock Paver back into the ground.
pebblelock-bike-after pebblelock-bike-after-1
pebblelock-driveway-reinforced pebblelock-driveway-unreinforced

Pebblelock for Driveways

Wanting a natural alternative to concrete, pavers, asphalt or plain gravel but also not wanting endless maintenance? PebbleLock will provide a stable driveable surface that will help return precious water to the ground.

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Panel Size
840mm x 590mm x 24mm


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