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About SurePave™

SurePave is a permeable paving system designed as a reinforcement solution for grass. SurePave can be used for off street car parking, laneways, garden paths, and grass driveways.

SurePave is a great way to fix boggy and muddy areas where potholes, divots, ruts and puddles form by vehicles over use. Not only that, SurePave encompasses style, and functionality.

As its permeable description suggests, SurePave panels are porous and free draining allowing the possibility of creating safe, functional and natural aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

The SurePave system can support up to 700 tonnes per m2 when filled, has a positive interlocking system to keep panels in place and a convenient panel size for easy transportation.


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Reinforced vs. Unreinforced

SurePave has a unique cell structure to evenly distribute the weight of the load on the surface, this minimises compaction of the grass root zone. Ponding is eliminated as water can be absorbed due to the permeable free draining properties of the SurePave.

Versatile in design with the ability to perform in both gravel and grassed applications, SurePave allows a smooth transition between two surfaces. Watch here how SurePave has transformed this hardstand area.

surepave-grass-stable surepave-grass-muddy

Installation Layers

Cost effective, convenient, and eco-friendly – SurePave has your permeable project covered – be it for overflow car parking, leisure areas, driveways, paths or any other trafficked area for grass.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, the SurePave system is the ideal environmentally sustainable paving solution to traditional concrete.

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Panel Size
816mm x 612mm x 40mm
SurePave Trade Pack
100 Panels


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